MIR (Mold Inspection Reporter) Software For Mold Inspectors
Product Details
Looking for software for mold inspectors? Visual findings, interpretation of lab results, inspectors final conclusions, remediation recommendations and more can be added to your reports quickly and easily, in fact much of the data input is automated, with hundreds of, drop-down menu items to choose from. Just click on an appreciate sentence or paragraph already stored in the program and it is added to the report. New drop down menu items can be created and  saved and existing ones can be deleted or edited by you any time, the task is easier than you would think.
Standard with our software for mold inspectors is the ability to merge information from your prepared report directly into document-type summary pages. At the click of a button generate a summary page of inspectors final conclusions that is populated with comments and conclusions that you previously wrote in the mold report during your inspection.
Also included:
  • The mold inspection software is very powerful, with the ability to import digital photos.
  • You may include up to 4 digital photos for any heading or subheading in a form. And, you can apply colored arrows to photos or edit images directly from the software program.
  • Built-in Spell Checker.
  • Use colored text, bold, italics or underline anywhere in reports and summaries
  • Automatically saves reports every 2,4, or 6 minutes
  • Merges report info or office manager data into documents automatically
  • Store an unlimited number of reports and back them up to a CD disk or another computer
  • Free technical support
  • You can directly input the data into a PDA or laptop at the site.
  • Print completer reports or upload to web sites
  • PDF Writer included for trouble free e-mailing completer reports to your clients or print hard copies
  • Fill in Inspector Notes for each field in a report- Access reminders, codes,and useful info that wont print on reports.
  • If you are looking for software for mold inspectors and IAQ consultants you have come to the right place. If you are the owner of a single inspector firm, or the office manager for a multi inspector firm our computerized reporting system is the one for you. Create 10 page reports, or 100 page reports, prepare reports from mold inspections, indoor air quality investigations, or put together a mold protocol with this powerful, versatile and up to date computer based reporting platform designed for professional consultants.

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Mold Inspection Reporter Software
Mold Inspection Reporter Software
Mold Inspection Reporter System, Inc.
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