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The software that enables you to utilize this mold inspection form is a proprietary program that was built specifically with inspectors such as yourself in mind; the software is unparalleled in its power, versatility, and ease of use. In fact, the 3D software program system is so popular that it is utilized by over 10000 inspectors literally around the world. Established in 1987 3D Inspection Systems has many years of development and improvement behind it and is here to stay. The software has no competition in the mold inspection industry. The inspection software corporation is owned and operated by Carl Fowler, a seasoned inspector who started conducting home inspections and creating report software in 1987. 3D Inspection Systems has a full time team of software developers and technical support staff who are able to provide you with a reliable and ever improving product. The combined experience and dedicated efforts of the two above companies has been woven into this product, making this partnership a winning combination that will provide you with the ability to both set a higher standard for mold inspection report form preparation in the industry. If you need a mold inspection report or mold inspection form you have come to the right place we are here for you.

About Us
The Mold Inspection Report Form Developer
The Mold Inspection report creator is Daryl Watters, he starting conducting mold inspections in 2004. Mr. Watters specializes in the diagnosis of mold, indoor air quality, and moisture problems in residential and commercial properties. He also serves as an expert witness for mold attorneys. The Mold Inspection form designer is also a Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) certified by the American Council of Accredited Certification and a Certified Mold Inspector trained and certified by the Certified Mold Inspectors and Contractors Institute (CMICI). He is also trained and certified in mold inspections by the Environmental Assessors Association (EAA) and Environmental Solutions Association(ESA). Every report form, all text, disclaimers, helpful drop-down menu items, and references to various scientific mold studies in the program has been tested, refined, and improved on a regular basis since it's inception in 2005.  

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Mold Inspection Reporter Software
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